Portland’s #1 Hypnosis Instructor

It’s CLEAR, Bruce LOVES to Help People!  That’s one of the reasons he started the Northwest Hypnosis Institute and created the best Professional Hypnotherapy training course around.  Bruce has actually been counseling & training people since 1960 (yes over 50 years).  He’s known around the world and has been recognized in magazines and books…


Testimonials About Bruce

[Bruce] … just in case you didn’t know; Other than my father, you’ve had the greatest influence on my life. Thanks for sharing your wisdom with me.
Positive Influence & Wisdom

Bruce literally changed my life the first time I met him.

15564572332863522454I was in very bad shape, my world was collapsing around me.  I told him my life story, every detail I could muster, every secret, every hurt, everything.  And he held that with such love and acceptance – it was amazing.  Then in literally 5 min., just by talking to me, he blew my mind and ‘fixed’ me.  I wouldn’t be here right now if it wasn’t for Bruce, I couldn’t possibly thank him enough!
~ Robert Bury

Visit Bruce in Portland Oregon

Bruce’s office at the Northwest Hypnosis Institute:

Bruce calls Portland Oregon home so for the lucky people of Portland he’s only a short drive away – although people have traveled from all over the globe just for a chance to meet with Bruce.

4000 SE International Way (Suite F-201)
Milwaukie, OR 97222-6067 (map)

Call (503) 267-1675 for an appointment.