Portland’s #1 Hypnosis Instructor

It’s CLEAR, Bruce LOVES to Help People!  That’s one of the reasons he started the Northwest Hypnosis Institute and created the best Professional Hypnotherapy training course around.  Bruce has actually been counseling & training people since 1960 (yes over 50 years).  He’s known around the world and has been recognized in magazines and books…

Testimonials About Bruce

Bruce is by far the most gifted hypnotherapist I have ever met. I was terrified, in tears and uncontrollably shaking with fear when I first came to Bruce because my worst nightmares were coming true. I met with Bruce and in one session he changed my life. I went from being convinced I was losing my mind to understanding experientially what was really going on with me. I know without a shadow of a doubt that if I would have went to a psychiatrist …
The most gifted hypnotherapist I have ever met

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