Testimonials about Bruce

note: most names are removed from the testimonials due to Bruce’s instance on his clients anonymity and privacy. 

Thank you Bruce for helping me and my family. I want you to know how much you are appreciated. A day does not go by that I am [not] grateful for your insight and guidance in my life. You have opened many new doors for me. The counseling, hypnotherapy sessions as well as your ongoing life coachingare having an incredible impact on the very fabric of my life. These changes and insights are reframing my life from the very foundation it rests on. The dynamic life altering changes have not only helped me till this day, but the many thousands of people I will have a privilege to help in the years to come is nearly overwhelming to comprehend. I am very honored to be your student and look forward to learning as much from you as possible.

Life Coaching

I’m still reeling from connecting with you yesterday. I can’t believe how much better I feel, it’s like a miracle. I’m not sure what I’m doing, but when I start to tense up I just relent and it seems to be working. It will be nice to get a bigger toolbox of information and skills. Every few minutes I have this thought: I’m going to get well!

Amazing, it's Like a Miracle

I want to thank you for your counseling and hypnotherapy. What a joy to have your unique insights to help me generate self healing through hypnosis. It has been so easy to develop a trusting client/counselor rapport with you. I have a new found sense of empowerment and direction and am on the right path with the tools and skills developed with your guidance. All of this has enriched my life. I am so impressed I have decided to take the hypnotherapy course myself. This healing modality works wonders. I am living proof. Once again, thank you.

Self Healing through Hypnosis

I’d been a smoker for 17 years and I tried to quit smoking more times than I care to count. I figured I hadn’t tried hypnosis yet so I figured what have I got to lose – other than the habit that is. I couldn’t believe the results and it was easy and painless too. Now I recommend everybody I know to Bruce.

Now I recommend everybody I know to Bruce

Bruce is by far the most gifted hypnotherapist I have ever met. I was terrified, in tears and uncontrollably shaking with fear when I first came to Bruce because my worst nightmares were coming true. I met with Bruce and in one session he changed my life. I went from being convinced I was losing my mind to understanding experientially what was really going on with me. I know without a shadow of a doubt that if I would have went to a psychiatrist I would have been admitted and most definitely medicated for life. But fortunately I went to Bruce instead and in just one session he cured me. It felt like a miracle. I can’t possibly thank him enough.

The most gifted hypnotherapist I have ever met

[Bruce] … just in case you didn’t know; Other than my father, you’ve had the greatest influence on my life. Thanks for sharing your wisdom with me.

Positive Influence & Wisdom

It was good to see you, even if only for a brief moment at the Martial Arts Club. Even though it has been so many years, you have always been with me and will always be my friend. You cannot know how much positive impact you have had on my life (and I suspect on the lives of so many others). You are one of the finest human beings I have had the honor to know in my entire life. Your insights, perspectives, parables, as well as your camaraderie and mentoring have been essential to the raising of my consciousness.
When you met me, and for many years after, I remained rooted in pride, anger, desire, fear, apathy, grief, guilt and shame. But, year after year, your words rang in my ears, never going away. Slowly they made more and more sense to me and I began to understand. I love you for that. My disillusion is fading; my perspective is changing to a willingness to leave the old me behind. As the observer and observed becomes one, I am not seeking a different experience than the one happening now and the seeker is disappearing. I love and thank you my friend – and the journey goes on….. Hope to see you again soon.

You are one of the finest human beings I have had the honor to know

Bruce is by far one of the most nonjudgmental & wise people I have ever met. He’s like the guru on the mountaintop. His wisdom and skill easily go way beyond his years. I truly feel honored every time I am in his presence.

He's like the guru on the mountaintop